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About me

Ciao! My name is Marina, welcome to Pasta Journey!


In Italy, making pasta together is a Sunday tradition. We cook together and express our love for family and friends through food. My pasta journey began at four years of age in my Grandmother Benedetta’s kitchen in Sicily, where my beloved Nonna patiently taught me how to to craft my first handmade tagliatelle. One of my favourite memories from my childhood.

I love to teach and can’t wait to share my family recipes with you.

Decades later, my 'pasta' journey has taken me to Bologna, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong and now Melbourne.


In Bologna, the Italian capital of pasta making, I learnt how to master different flours and to blend them properly with eggs or water.

I left my job in fashion to complete a professional pasta making course at Otto in Cucina in Bologna. On returning from Bologna I wanted to share my knowledge with others, so I started to teach pasta making while living in Asia.

I moved to Melbourne in 2019 and started teaching pasta-making as ‘Pasta Journey’ in late 2019.

I enjoy teaching because it’s a way for me to share my culture with others and to connect with my family roots. When I make busiate, a twisted spiral pasta from Sicily, I sense a deep connection with that place – and I feel like all the Nonnas from the past come alive!

Also because I’m relatively new to Australia, my pasta-making classes are a great way to meet - in person or online - like-minded people who share my passion.

Pasta making classes


When I am not making pasta, I love to host and connect with people through workshops and cooking classes.

My classes are very intimate and can be online or in-person. I host them from my kitchen in Moonee Ponds. While we cook together I will guide you step by step and at the end of the class we will enjoy a healthy home style meal together, virtually or around the same table.

No matter where we live in the world, food is so much more than just eating. It continues tradition, connects to others, it’s passionate and nourishes the soul.

It is taking care of our families by offering them a slow cooked home style meal, and enjoying it all together around a beautiful set table.

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