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Ciao! My name is Marina, welcome to Pasta Journey!


In Italy, making pasta together is a Sunday tradition. We cook together and express our love for family and friends through food. My pasta journey began at four years of age in my Grandmother Benedetta’s kitchen in Sicily, where she taught me to craft my first handmade tagliatelle. I love to teach and can’t wait to share my family recipes with you.


Prior to arriving in this beautiful country, I Iived in Bologna, the Italian capital of pasta making. There I learnt how to master different flours and to blend them properly with eggs or water.

Fresh Pasta Delivery

Handmade pasta delivered to your door the same day it’s made.

All our pasta is made by hand using only the best quality 00 flour, semolina and free cage eggs, giving you a silky texture and rich flavour. We want to deliver a high quality and most importantly, a delicious product!

We love Fresh pasta, we really do! If you do too and are searching for alternatives with less environmental impact, welcome to Pasta Journey!

In Australia only 14 per cent of plastic is recovered for recycling or energy recovery. This is a big concern for us, and we are here to make a change.

We believe the best solution is simply to avoid all plastics so we select our suppliers and materials very carefully.


Pasta Journey’s mission is to provide delicious meals whilst cutting waste and reducing plastic, and we want this to be easier for our customers too. That’s why our pasta comes in a compostable cardboard boxes, made in Australia.

We don’t use any plastic, and we are proud of it!

Pasta making classes

When we are not making pasta, we love to host and connect with people through workshops and cooking classes.

Virtual class dates are live, so you can choose between Lasagna from scratch, gluten free pasta, handmade pasta 101 and rainbow pasta.

Get your family’s dinner ready in two hours!

Languages include English, Mandarin and, of course, Italian.


No matter where you live in the world, food is so much more than just eating. It continues tradition, connects to others, it’s passionate and nourishes the soul.

It is taking care of our families by offering them a slow cooked home style meal, and enjoying it all together around a beautiful set table.

  • A Pasta Journey
  • A Pasta Journey

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